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Aji Trivia

Did you know?

  • Did you know that JB Brand AJI is owned by Industrias de Maiz y Alimentos, S.A. which is a subsidiary of Bestfoods which is owned by Holland super-giant Unilever?

  • Did you know that the "JB" in JB Sauce stands for Juan Bas, the namesake of Juan Bas Alimentos, S.A., the same company which now produces Don Juan brand aji? Juan Bas Alimentos sold the JB brand to Industras de Maiz y Alimentos, S.A. and now makes their very own aji!

    Did you know that's all the Aji trivia I have for you for now? - I'm sorry! If you have anything to add.... please send it to me tuchileaqui@aol.com

  • Aji Quiz Time!

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